BREAKING: 1080 blackmail threat to poison infant milk

BREAKING: Police appealing for info on the #1080Milk threats. Blackmailer would make threat public if 1080 use not halted by end of month. ?- Stuff

Fonterra at the centre of a police investigation, 1080 opponents threatened to lace baby milk powder if pest control wasn’t stopped – K Bradford

Fonterra and MPI have tested 40,000 samples. No #1080Milk found. A threat to generate fear in NZ’s food safety system, says MPI. – Stuff

The threat was first made to Fonterra and Fed Farmers in Nov last year, with packages of baby powder contaminated with 1080. – Radio Live

NZD has bounced a bit in response post announcement. Mild relief. A threat is massively different to contamination. ?- Twitter

10 March 2015


MPI supporting Police with infant formula contamination threat response


The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) is working closely with Police to respond to a criminal threat to contaminate infant and other formula in an apparent protest over the use of 1080 in pest control.


MPI Deputy Director-General Scott Gallacher says the Government?s first priority is protecting the health and wellbeing of consumers.


?We are confident that New Zealand infant and other formula is just as safe today as it was before this threat was made. People should keep using it as they always have,? Mr Gallacher said.


?People should feel equally confident about using imported infant formula which has to meet New Zealand?s strict food safety requirements and is equally secure in the retail chain.


?The ability for anybody to deliberately contaminate infant and other formula during manufacturing is extremely low. Regardless, we encourage people to be vigilant when buying infant and other formula. Our advice is always to check packaging for signs of tampering. We are reinforcing that advice as a result of this blackmail threat.


?New Zealand?s food safety model is among the best in the world. New Zealand manufacturers maintain high levels of security as a normal routine. Security and vigilance has been significantly increased since this threat was received.?


Since the threat was made, the Ministry for Primary Industries ? with the support of multiple government agencies, manufacturers and retailers ? has put additional measures in place to further protect infant formula products, including:

o?? strengthened security measures in retail stores

o?? enhanced milk and milk product testing, including a new 1080 testing programme

o?? increased vigilance by all relevant players in the supply chain

o?? extra physical security at manufacturing premises

o?? an audit programme to confirm dairy processing facilities continue to maintain the highest level of security and vigilance.


?The combined MPI and industry testing programmes confirm there is no 1080 in infant and other formula. We have tested just over 40,000 raw milk and product samples and we have had no 1080 detections,? he says.

?This criminal threat is designed to cause fear in order to generate a political outcome. It is using food as a vehicle but should not undermine confidence in our world-class food safety system or in any manufacturer.


?This type of threat does occur from time to time internationally.? We are fortunate that this is the first such threat in New Zealand, and that New Zealand has one of the world?s strongest and most secure food safety systems,? he says.


People with any relevant information should contact Police immediately on 0800 723 665 or[email protected]. Information can also be provided anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 11.


Visit for more advice on how to check packaging for signs of tampering, and for information about government?s response to the threat.







10 March 2015

Synlait Milk confident in its food safety systems

Synlait Milk is confident that its food safety systems and security standards protect the integrity of its products.

They have been specifically designed to protect against threats such as that announced today by the New Zealand Police and Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) said Managing Director Dr. John Penno.

?Food safety and product quality is our highest priority. Our standards and systems reflect this,? said Dr. Penno.

?We have full end to end supply chain control from farm to container for all milk powder and infant formula products. This includes quality testing of raw milk and comprehensive testing of finished product before it is loaded in shipping containers for export.?

Existing security at Synlait includes a fully fenced site, electronic gates, and comprehensive Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) recording and swipe card access to critical key areas such as their nutritional plant.

Since becoming aware of the threat, Synlait has taken extra precautions to increase security. This includes 24/7 operation of on-site security guards, photo-IDs for all staff and contractors as well as site access and staff security checks.

?Our customers are informed and we do not expect significant business interruption from this threat to the industry.?

A statement from the New Zealand Police can be viewed here:

A statement from the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) can be viewed here: