Burning bridges not even built

What an omnishambles.

Bill English has caused confusion in parliament with his cute answers over the 10 bridges that National has promised to build in Northland.

The Government was asked to reaffirm its commitment to upgrade Northland bridges after comments by Finance Minister Bill English caused confusion in Parliament today.

The National Party has promised to upgrade 10 one-way bridges in Northland as part of its byelection campaign, which polls indicate will be a close-run race between National’s Mark Osborne and New Zealand First leader Winston Peters.

Answering a question in the House today, Mr English indicated the completion of the bridges upgrade could depend on the byelection outcome.

“A political party has made an undertaking in an election – the Northland byelection. Whether it can be executed may well depend on the outcome of that election,” Mr English said.

Pressed by Labour’s Grant Robertson on whether he could confirm the 10 bridges would be upgraded under the current Government, Mr English still left room for interpretation.

“That is certainly National’s view … but in order to achieve a majority in this house you have to work with other parties. ?

“And so when we have a byelection we don’t know exactly what the result will be, we may find ourselves working with different people who have a different view.

“But it is certainly the government’s position – Northland needs the bridges, we have made that undertaking and we will follow through on it.”

The arrogance of Bill English is showing again, and the arrogance of this government.

They have become all too cock sure…and people know it.

Word from the trenches is that National MPs are now gun shy walking the streets of Northland after copping a shellacking on a regular basis.

They much prefer ringing members via the call centres that Nikki Kaye is supposed to be organising but she would rather spend all her time gabbing with people rather than actually doing any work to help.

If National loses on Saturday?the next caucus meeting won;t be a cap doffing love fest that they usually are.


– NZ Herald