Can National campaign under pressure?


Since John Key took over National the election results have never really been in much doubt. The mood for change carried him through 2008, 2011 Labour were dead set useless, 2014 looney lefties tried to ruin the election and the voters gave them a good kick in the arse all while Labour had a leader who was objectionable as well as useless. ?

For the first time National is under real pressure in the Northland by election. Previous by elections in Mt Albert, Mana, Christchurch East and Botany have been formalities, so no contest. In Northland Winston Peters would have won if Labour weren?t so dumb that they ran a candidate. Now Labour are having to promote a shabby deal to get Winston across the line.

National under pressure are not performing well. Their much vaunted campaigners don?t seem to understand provincial electorates, and they are making dumb threats to try to convince people a vote for Winston will cost them, at the same time as bribing them with lots of pork.

Good teams perform well when going backwards. They absorb the pressure without making mistakes. They don?t rage against their opponents saying it is unfair. Their team keep their tempers and don?t start yelling at each other, candidates and volunteers.

Northland is a true test of National?s ability to win under pressure. It will be interesting to see how veteran campaigners Steve Joyce and Jo de Joux go when they don?t have things going in their favour, and have to win a tight battle.