Can NZ First give John Key the “out” he’s looking for?

The Government isn’t worried about a members’ Bill that would torpedo the Auckland convention centre deal.

New Zealand First’s Tracey Martin wants to strip SkyCity of all the special benefits it received – like extra gaming tables and more pokies.

That would put an end to the current agreement and could cost taxpayers millions.

However, Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce is unruffled.

“I would suspect that the parties will line up in a similar fashion as they have previously, so I don’t have a concern that this time.”

The Bill would likely pass if Winston Peters wins the Northland by-election and ACT Party leader David Seymour votes against it.

Mr Seymour told the New Zealand Herald he had concerns about the deal, which was negotiated before he entered Parliament.

He said he wouldn’t rule out voting to repeal that Act.

John Key knows that the SkyCity deal is deeply unpopular with the public, especially since he had to put Steve Joyce on the leash for giving SkyCity cold hard taxpayer cash.

In the event NZ First do take Northland, and that’s still running at even odds, ACT would naturally be inclined to reject the SkyCity deal. ?ACT is in general a party that does not support corporate welfare, and it would put a stop to National’s over-eager stance to give money to people that already have it, and telling police and nurses there is none for them.

This can be fixed, and Key can say it was taken out of his hands. ?A win/win.


– 3 News