Charter School Gains: Time for NZ Parents to Demand This

As the Charter School model begins to mature in parts of the USA high quality researchers like Stanford are making some startling discoveries. This time in Boston (and US wide).

Boston charter school students outperformed their counterparts at traditional public schools and at charter schools in other urban areas by a striking margin over a recent six-year span,?a Stanford University study?found.

The strides at Boston charter schools ? in both math and reading ? equaled what students would have learned if they had been in school hundreds of additional days each year, researchers said in the report, released Wednesday.

The disparity held true for black, Hispanic, and low-income students in both math and reading, and was particularly strong for black and Hispanic students who live in poverty.

?Boston charter schools have done exceptionally well improving the academic growth of their students,? said James Woodworth, a research analyst with Stanford?s Center for Research on Education Outcomes.

Also relevant on a nation wide basis the Stanford study found.

Nationally, urban charter schools on average achieved significantly greater student success in both math and reading than traditional public schools, said the study, which covered the academic years 2006-07 to 2011-12.

?This research shows that many urban charter schools are providing superior academic learning for their students, in many cases quite dramatically better,? said Margaret Raymond, who directs the research group.

In New Zealand we have four new schools with good ERO reports – all of whom are working with “priority learners” and changing their lives.

Of those who “care for the poor” – Chris Hipkins won’t even visit them, the Greens do not really have an educated education spokesperson and the unions just keep blatting out nonsense.

The MSM are union aligned so when good things are happening they don’t even bother.

Time for parents to see what their kids are missing out on and demand more and better.