Charter schools what do they offer?

Graphic showing how AMERICAN Charter schools intersect with public schools

Graphic showing how AMERICAN Charter schools intersect with public schools


Cards on the table, I have been invited to visit two Charter schools in Auckland. I suspect that I have been invited because of frustration at both Politicians and the MSM who discuss/ criticise? Charter schools but refuse to actually visit any.

I will be visiting them to find out for myself their points of difference. I have never before been to a Charter school and at present know no more about them than any average person on the street. I know that they offer an alternative to mainstream schooling and that they have more flexibility in how they deliver their education to their students. What that flexibility actually translates to is what I will be finding out.

I do not have an agenda to either make them look good or make them look bad. My task is to report back to our readership what exactly they do offer and how they are different to Mainstream. I am taking my home schooled 16 year old daughter with me to interview the primary school students. She will be asking them what she as a teenager wants to know about Charter schooling. What a teenager values in education may be different to what I as a parent, a home schooler and an ex mainstream High School teacher and tutor in Alternative education values.

Because I have taught both in mainstream and alternative education as well as home schooled, I feel that I will have a more open mind than most towards a different way of doing things. I know from my children that one size does not fit all and as a parent I feel that the more choices that are available to us for the education of our children the better.

If my 18 year old son is available he will be filming our visit. Whether or not I manage to edit the footage successfully and upload it to my articles will be highly reliant on his technical help and Cameron’s.

If there are any questions about Charter schooling that you have please feel free to put them in the comments. I cannot promise to get them all answered but it will be a useful guide to help me plan my own questions as I do want to find out as much as possible what you all would like to know.

What are the burning issues for you?

What are your concerns about Charter Schools if any?

What aspects of Mainstream education would you change if any?

What would you like to know more about regarding Charter schools?