Clare Curran and failure go hand in hand

Labour has failed in its bid to set up a commission of inquiry into privacy breaches.

Clare Curran introduced her Electronic Data Safety Bill last year.

She wanted an inquiry into several serious privacy breaches, including one in which a member of the public downloaded 7000 sensitive Ministry of Social Development documents through a Work and Income self-service computer kiosk.

Under the terms of her member’s bill, the commission would have investigated the breaches and recommended how best to prevent further unauthorised access to private information held by government departments.

Government MPs said they accepted the importance of data protection but a commission of inquiry which could cost up to $10 million wasn’t necessary.

They said the government had a cyber security plan and had appointed a chief information office who was working on data protection.

Ms Curran said their attitudes were shallow and ill-informed.

“There are great big gaping holes in the systems,” she said.

“They will rue this day given the very strong likelihood of further serious data privacy breaches.”

It’s all very well to make fun of Labour’s special needs MP, but there are actually two serious issues here.

One, breaches will happen. ?And every time they will happen it will be a “I told you so” chance to beat the government with. ?And that will be nice and reliable until Labour is the government, and they’ll get beaten with the same stick. ? A situation where there are no data breaches will be impossible.

Two, the real problem is the left?and it’s “grey” supporters like Keith Ng, Nicky Hager and friends manufacturing data breaches.

Just this morning there is a story about pharmacies using the Internet to send patient data, and how that’s supposedly dangerous. ?All I can see there is a set-up where someone will hack into a the pharmacy system to embarrass the government.

The thing is, the system is as secure as any other encrypted system – that is – vulnerable to various forms of attack outside of the encrypted data stream. ?All it takes is to hack into a pharmacy computer and the encryption counts for nothing. ?And you only need one of those systems out of thousands nation-wide.

The problem is that we now have a number of people in this country that are hacking for political purposes, and then hand the product of this hacking up the line to be exposed as “news” and to embarrass, or bring down, the government and its supporters.

If you thought Dirty Politics was a one off, you’re sadly mistaken. ?And it isn’t the last of it either. ?The only thing I can tell the left is “beware what weapon you take up, as it will eventually be used against you”.

As far as I am aware, there is no right motivated hacking going on, and I think that’s just as well so we can maintain the high road in this area. ?But, as a student of history, it will just be time before left computer systems and/or left governments will be victims of this particular type of crime enabled politics.


– 3 News