Clowns with Clown parents, aided by a Clown judge

Some people are clowns, and then their parents step up and show why they are clowns…it is a learned behaviour.

Two Christchurch college students have today won a legal battle to row with their school’s Maadi Cup rowing team.

St Bede’s College students Jordan Kennedy and Jack Bell were chucked off the rowing team after breaching Auckland Airport security on Friday.

They were caught riding on the baggage conveyor at the Jetstar carousel in the arrivals hall at Auckland Airport’s domestic terminal.

The pair were given formal warnings by police and the Aviation Security Service (Avsec) after the prank shortly after arriving on a domestic flight from Christchurch.

The school decided that Jordan and Jack, aged 16 and 17, were in breach of the school’s code of conduct and banned them from competing at the regatta, which started this morning.

But the boys’ parents sought an urgent injunction at the High Court in Christchurch to allow their sons to row in the first race at 11.28am today.

Justice Rachel Dunningham heard the case via a tele-conference this morning. St Bede’s College rector Justin Boyle and the Board of Trustees of St Bede’s College were named as respondents.

In a decision released before the race, Justice Dunningham granted an interim injunction to prevent St Bede’s from stopping the boys rowing at the 2015 Maadi Cup.

Lawyers for the boys’ parents also tried to have their names suppressed, but the judge declined to make a name suppression order.
A spokesman for the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) said the pair were spotted “instantly” once they passed through the rubber curtains by a Jetstar ramp agent.

The Jetstar rep called his supervisor who, in turn, involved Avsec.

“The boys apologised immediately and said they did it for fun,” the CAA spokesman said.

What a bunch of clowns…they broke the law, the school punished them and their entitled clown parents rushed off to court where they got a clown judge who agreed with them…at least she didn’t agree on the name suppression issue.

All these fools have learned is that there are no consequences for their actions.

Mike Yardley is disparaging in an opinion piece at Fairfax.

Schoolboys will be schoolboys, but parents can be their own worst enemies.

Bravo to St Bede’s College Rector, Justin Boyle, for standing firm on the school’s code of conduct. Breaching airport ?security, by illegally taking a ride on a luggage carousel into the secure area is no trifling matter.

The two roguish rowers who did so at Auckland Airport on Friday, should count themselves lucky that the police and Aviation Security let them off with a stern warning.

But as ambassadors of the school, competing in an elite sporting regatta, their feckless actions blatantly breached the school’s code of conduct, which they and their parents willingly signed up to.

Sidelining these carousel clowns from the Maadi Cup was the only credible option for Justin Boyle. In his 13 years as rector of St Bede’s his firm but fair leadership style has been his unwavering trademark.

Highly-respected for his zero-tolerance approach on bullying and drugs, Boyle has insisted that the school community plays by the rules, and those who fall foul of the rules face clear consequences.

His decision to axe the ?carousel riders from the school’s Maadi Cup rowing team is entirely consistent with the school’s ?values, and more-importantly, fully in accordance with the code of conduct.

After last year’s shameful hijinks in Tekapo by a bunch of school rowers, it’s all the more galling that rogue rowers have generated embarrassing newspaper headlines for St Bede’s, again.

But if this was a script from the Dumb and Dumber playbook, it’s the parents of the two banned rowers who I believe have really defied all bounds of common sense.

Tromping off to the High Court to seek an urgent ?injunction, in a bid to get their boys back in the row boats stinks to high heaven of elitist self-entitlement. Where’s the dignity? The decency? The self-respect?

It looks like a classic case of more money ?than scruples. To hell with the school’s authority and the apparent blatant breach of the code of conduct.

Lawyering up to defend the family pride and the precious prodigy, in such circumstances, seems to indicate a seriously deluded sense of priorities.

In my opinion it has the appearance of a shameless exhibition of extravagant ego and a desire to subvert the authority of their chosen school.

Perhaps these over-protective parents should have home-schooled their pampered little princes, and let them act out their Maadi fantasies in the bath tub.

It’s a clown show…clowns, clown parents and a clown judge.


– NZ Herald, Fairfax