Colmar Brunton has a go at a Northland poll

National: Osborne (36%),

NZ First: Peters (36%),

Labour: Prime (20%),

Focus NZ: Carr (5%),

other confirmed candidates (3%)

Refuse to answer 3%,

undecided 4%.

The “Fieldwork [was] conducted 6-8 March”. ?8 March is today. ?And the results were out by 9am.

The desperation to show the “fieldwork” was conducted while National already launched is pathetic.

Labour and NZ First appointed their candidates. ?National had to go through the inconvenience of a selection process.

In the mean time, the MSM has been wall to wall Winston.

Just wait. ?The National party juggernaut will swing into action. ?Rodney has 5000 paid up members. ?And it is one of the most efficient and well operating ground operating crews the party has.

This is the best result Winston will get.

But boy, exciting, eh? /sarc