Comment of the Day



Well, I went [and voted] today, pal, and I voted for [Winston Peters].

And anyone who thinks it’s an asset having a member of the government representing you in Parliament is dreaming.

Northland has been in National’s camp for 30 plus years and it’s got us diddly squat.

John Key had never been north of Omaha until this byelection.

In his eyes, Northland was an electorate that gave him a vote in Parliament and was always going to. The joint could be safely ignored.

They could even get the local member to stab the ratepayers of Mangawhai in the back and count on the rest of the electorate voting blue.

If an electorate wants the government to take it seriously it has to become marginal . . . doesn’t matter whether the sitting member is in government or in opposition; as long as the margin is below 500 and the seat changes hands from time to time the largesse will descend in ever-increasing amounts.

In the meantime, the only thing safe seats get is a cold shoulder.