Comments of the Day

Today Nicky Hager, a man who writes and sells books based on the stolen data of private NZ citizens is all upset that allegedly the NZ Government spies on its neighbours.

Our commenters are agog at the attitude of the NZ Herald and other so-called journalists.

Salacious Crumb says:

Dear Shayne Currie,

This ANZAC day, please refrain from any reference to our fallen, their sacrifice or those who continue to serve.

Your newspaper at every turn has sought to undermine everything they have fought for; our nations peace, sovereignty and security.

By supporting subversives, criminals and by bowing to the threat of terrorists, you have proved yourselves unworthy as trusted presenters of news and fact in this country.

If the hour comes when we must all make a stand, I would not want the likes of you at my side for I know you could not be counted upon as you have once again shown that the interests of New Zealand are distant to any priorities you might possess.

I would present a white feather, but that would be a rise in my estimation of you and your news outlet.

We can’t really expect much form the likes of David ‘Tainted’ Fisher, a man the Press Council found made up a story. ?

Doc45 says:

We are supposed to be shocked by spying revelations. The first duty of a government is to protect its people – externally and internally. I want to know that I am protected from terrorism and that means having every communication checked wherever it originates. There has also been a very strong Chinese push into the Pacific. I want to know that is monitored.
Shut up and go away Herald, Hager, Snowden and co. You are attacking the very foundations of my country with smartass, treachery.

Niggly says:

Yawn – so after all the hype and hoo-hah from Hager and the NZ Herald, we find tucked away in the small print that it’s simply metadata being collected, so not really “spying” in the traditional sense of what “spying” means. It’s simply data collection – big deal we already know all that thanks to these people over the last few years!

Anyway don’t we have an issue of international money launderers and organised criminals using the “benign” Pacific Islands to hide and transfer their illegal wares? The GCSB is doing a great job keeping an eye on these thugs.

Funny how Hager and the NZ Herald don’t mention that as they desperately try to scare the public into thinking joe average is under survellience and continue their beat-up on the Govt.

Jethro exposes the stupidity of Hager’s claims:

O M G… I just woke up and thought this was all a bad dream, a nightmare… we’ve been spying on Nauru Island… Say it isn’t so !!!!!!

Heh, and Boris Piscina exposes the “investigative” work of Nicky Hager:

Wow, so our spies have been spying, just like they’re employed and paid to do.
I bet if Hager the Horrible does some more sleuthing he’ll discover that teachers have been teaching, too, and Police officers policing, and doctors doctoring, and so on.
This is obviously a massive conspiracy.

Why does anyone actually buy the NZ Herald anymore? Why would they advertise in a newspaper so committed to undermining New Zealand.