Compare and Contrast – John Key vs Annastacia Palaszczuk

The Queensland Premier,?Annastacia Palaszczuk, has?shopped one of her MPs to the cops for domestic violence.

Quite a difference from John Key’s “I know nuzzink, no one told me anyzing” approach to that of the new Queensland Premier…and she is a Labor Premier.

Queensland premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has referred one of her MPs to police over domestic violence allegations.

Cook MP Billy Gordon this morning admitted to Queensland parliament he had only recently paid his ex-partner child support he owed her.

But tonight, the allegations against Mr Gordon deepened, with the revelation his ex-partner had also warned Labor ministers Mr Gordon had been allegedly physically abusive towards her.

As well as the serious nature of the allegations, the situation also has potentially significant political implications.

The Queensland parliament is hung, and Ms Palaszczuk holds minority government only with the conditional support of Independent MP Peter Wellington.

In a letter to Police Commissioner Ian Stewart written late today, Ms Palaszczuk refers the matter to the authorities. ??

?On 18 March 2015, my office received a letter from (Mr Gordon?s ex-partner) outlining a number of allegations against Mr Billy Gordon, the newly elected Member for Cook in the Queensland parliament,? Ms Palaszczuk wrote.

?Those allegations were immediately referred to Mr Evan Moorhead, State Secretary of the Queensland branch of the Australian Labor Party, who advises me he encouraged (Mr Gordon?s ex-partner) to make a complaint about the alleged conduct to the Queensland Police Service.?

?Since that time, details of the allegations have been made public. In light of this fact, I feel it is now incumbent on me to refer the matters to the Queensland Police Service for its consideration and investigation of the allegations as appropriate.?

?…I ask that you investigate these matters to ascertain whether there is any evidence of the commission of criminal offences.?

So it is clear that she doesn’t tolerate alleged wife-beaters, I’ll bet you a dollar to a knob of goat poo she’d tolerate kiddy fiddlers even less.

Despite her government being at risk she has done the right thing.

There is no place in politics for people involved in domestic violence, whether or not they live in?the?leafy suburbs and continue to hide behind name suppression.

No matter whether they have suppression orders or not, the story will eventually get out and politicians protecting them will be hammered in the polls.


– The Australian