Conservative Party insider to Colin Craig and the board: “Stop the infighting it will destroy us”

Things are starting to boil over in the Conservative Party. ?I have some stories sitting here that I’ve held back because they would have gotten lost in the by-election debacle, the boxing and Black Caps winning the world cup.

To the Board and Colin Craig.

Debbie Cunliffe one of our Party stalwarts has resigned, Debbie was made of
tough stuff and you brought her to her knees. How many more of us will fall?
Continue to say you are listening and then disregard us see what happens. If
you will not listen to those who have courage to challenge you, who will you
listen to – just yourselves?

It appears that you have filters in place to only listen to those who fit in
with your agenda. Your agenda is hidden to us!

You want to shut down any discussion by email and Yammer. You are telling me
to shut down I will not because I believe that binding referenda and Justice
etc should be practiced within the Party, and if not we are being

Stop the infighting it will destroy us. Get our act together.

Am I threatening you? No only in your mind. I believe in the Conservative
Party beliefs that is why I have the right to say these things and be taken
notice of and not ignored and censured.

I am not resigning, I will see this through until the Conservative Party
becomes Government.

Yours Conservatively

David Walkden
Electoral Chair Coromandel.

Note :-I did reach the 5% threshold, as did Debbie, came in the top 15
candidates and we were both congratulated personally by our Leader and its
down in writing.

The problems in the Conservative Party are substantial. ?It’s going to have to go one way or another – the choices being 1) ?A true Colin Craig centric ‘cult’ party, or 2) ?A party that continues without Colin Craig.

As you may recall, his closest staffer quit a week before the election over “unchristian behaviour”. ?This is still very much an active issue, with lawyers, and damages, and threats of going public, to the courts and buying silence through hush money.

And then there are other issues, like internal racism and questionable financial trickery to make the election return come in under the allowed amount. ?Not to mention some pretty blatant six figure GST kick-back that was pocketed by one of the people.

The Conservative Party are internally at a stale-mate. ? I’ll explain the dirt and the detail over the following weeks.