Crazy Cat Lady hired for NSW Labor campaign

If you thought the Internet Party and their stupid attempts at creating memes for an election was cringe-worthy, wait until you see what NSW Labor are doing for their campaign.

It appears they have hired the crazy cat lady for all their promotion work.

Tim Blair writes:

?Want to know what NSW would look like under a Labor government?? asks Piers Akerman. Well, according to the Kitty Litter Party?s latest online election campaign ads, it?ll look like a bunch of cats:


There are one or two issues here ? primarily that any adorable prayer kitten detected within a national park would probably be identified as an introduced-species invader and shot.

Prayer kitty is just the start of the KLP?s feline-based election strategy. Labor is loaded with more cats than The Simpsons?crazy cat lady:


That isn?t a laughing cat. It?s a yawning cat, such as you?d find in any KLP household where tormented pets have to cope with Leunig calendars, yellow dog cartoons and Wil Anderson downloads.


Like many KLP voters, grumpy cat contributes less than he is paid. He?s a Labor bureau-cat.


Five minutes after this touching photograph, baby kitty was eaten.


Shocking? Not to Bob Catt ? er, Bob Carr ? it isn?t.


They were probably thinking cats wouldn?t enrol at TAFE. A reasonable assumption, all things considered.


No matter what direction is taken by electricity prices, you?ll just keep on being a cat. A flat-headed, earless, monster-clawed atrocity of a cat. But Labor?s election campaign isn?t entirely cat-based.

I wonder how long it will be until Labour adopts this strategy here.


-?The Telegraph