Crim hugging bastards

You can always see how the media want to spin a story when the offenders are aged in their late teens. ?If they want to spin it againt, these are young men. ?If they want to cuddle them, they are teen boys.

A teenager accused of murder and on the run after disconnecting his electronic monitoring anklet was terrified he would be returned to prison, a family friend has revealed.

Beauen Wallace-Loretz, 17, was on electronic bail awaiting trial after the death of 54-year-old Ihaia Gillman-Harrison on December 27 last year at Auckland’s Ascot Epsom Motel.

By last night police had visited at least 10 properties in the hunt for Wallace-Loretz, who has been on the run for three days since he fled the Avondale address he was bailed to.

Detective Andrew Fabish said police had calls from all over the North Island but no solid leads in the search.

“We have spoken to all his associates and friends and we are doing what we can but we need more information,” Fabish said.

Poor little teenager. ?

Look, it’s factual. ?But it’s spin. ?These two little ragamuffins allegedly killed a person. ?Not only were they not remanded to prison, they got to stay at large bailed to a known address.

And now one of them has gone into hiding because he’s scared.

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Police believe one associate collected and drove Wallace-Loretz from the Avondale address before he cut his ankle bracelet. He called Corrections to tell them what he’d done.

The associate had been interviewed by police and part of the investigation would look at whether anyone who helped Wallace-Loretz would be charged.

Border authorities were on alert in case Wallace-Loretz, who has a current passport, tried to leave the country.

Those darling teenagers. ?I hope the little darling does manage to get out of the country if only to embarrass the legal system that thinks it’s ok to let (alleged) murderers roam the streets while awaiting trial.


– NZ Herald, crim huggers par excellance