Cunning, cunning bastard

Winston Peters is a cunning, cunning bastard.

A new bill to remove name suppression from paedophiles when the victims want their attacker named, is to be introduced to Parliament by NZ First.

Leader Winston Peters, who is in Northland campaigning as for the by-election in which he is a candidate, announced the new policy today.

He said there had been many cases of sexual violence where the offender hid “behind a cloak of secrecy imposed on the basis that secrecy protects the victim”.

“In cases where the victim wants exposure of the crime and not secrecy, the sub-judice rule, name suppression and the legal cone of silence will be removed. ?

“In addition to this measure, we will also introduce a sex offender register, so parents and families can know if one of these offenders is in their community or in their neighbourhood,” Peters said.

It’s not yet clear what draft form the legislation is in, or whether it would only apply in cases of child abuse or for all cases of sexual abuse.

The members bill was not part of the party’s justice policy at last year’s election.

Before it can be debated, it will need to be added to the ballot, where it will sit until it’s drawn.

I hope it is drawn.

But what a brilliant tactical move ahead of Saturday’s vote.

This is why I like Winston Peters….his base rat cunning in politics and the willingness to put the boot in. There is much to dislike, but one must always admire a strong move like this.


– Fairfax