CWC: All about winning the toss – Doull

The Black Caps will not have thought about the possibility of losing the final. They are more than good enough to win it.

Yes, Australia poses a big threat but we saw a glimpse of how to play against Australia in the pool match at Eden Park. You have to be aggressive. If you take a backwards step they will jump all over you and they will control the game and look to bully a side. That has been the Aussie mantra for quite a while now.

The Black Caps have to be aggressive but it needs to be controlled aggression. I think at times we have gone a little bit over the top, or conversely, just not quite been there. It will be crucial.

I think batting first and putting runs on the board will be key.

McCullum has been aggressive with his field sets but he has also known when to back off a little bit when things have looked like they might get away. I think he has got better and better throughout the tournament as far as his captaincy is concerned.

As for his batting in the final I think we expect the same as ever – he will go hard, he will be aggressive at the top and he will need to be like that.

I don’t think there is any risk that the Black Caps played their final with that semifinal win.

Although they did a victory lap, they were still quite reserved in their celebrations. They knew there was still one job to do after they had won that game.

We just have to stick to what we have done. We have played some tremendous cricket throughout the tournament and if we continue down this road, win or lose, we can be very satisfied with how the Black Caps have gone.

We have to put a complete performance on the park. ?We can not drop catches, let easy fours go, bowl a lot of extras or get intimidated into playing it safe.

This game can only be won by playing the way we did to get there. ?And if that means we go out in a blaze of glory but we fall short, I’d prefer that over an India-like wet fire-cracker.

All indications are that Hesson has given the boys permission to go out there and just play their natural games.

Just one personal request: ?Can Ross Taylor?please not run anyone else out?


– Sunday News