Daily Roundup

It’s not the thing that normally registers at Whaleoil, but it’s gone viral, so you might as well know it’s going on. ? That’s if you have been able to avoid it all day, of course…

Buzzfeed: Nastiest X-Factor Judge Ever?

People: X Factor Judge Eviscerates Contestant, Accuses Him of ?Copying? Her Husband

News.com.au: Are these the nastiest reality TV judges ever?

The Mirror: X Factor New Zealand in bullying row: Is this the meanest X Factor put down EVER?

Billboard: ?X Factor New Zealand? Judges Under Fire for ?Bullying? Contestant

DigitalSpy: Has Natalia Kills given the nastiest X Factor judging of all time?

9News: New Zealand X Factor judge verbally abuses contestant for wearing a suit

Metro.co.uk: Move over Simon Cowell ? two NZ X Factor judges sensationally lay into hopeful and it makes for extremely uncomfortable viewing

Change.org: Take Natalia Kills off XFactor

Facebook: Let?s vote Natalia Kills off X Factor

Daily Mail: Outcry over NZ X Factor judge?s comments

Rickey.org: Natalia Kills and Willy Moon are Hypocrites, ?Yeah Yeah? video is exact copy of ?Prisencolinensinainciusol?

NZ Herald: Pressure on TV3 after X Factor judges Willy Moon and Natalia Kills humiliate contestant on live TV

The world seems to care. ? Keep an eye on Throng for the latest.

There is apparently a petition to get rid of her. ?I beg your pardon? ?She’s doing the job she’s been brought in for: ?to cause outrage and make the ratings surge. ?Right now: ?world-wide attention. ?Natalia Kills and her producers are laughing all the way the bank.


– Throng, Dan News