David Cunliffe still not wanted

Inserting himself into a situation that has nothing to do with him, Cunliffe has been talking himself up to go sit in a Kauri tree.

The man staging a protest up a 500 year old Kauri tree is telling David Cunliffe his assistance isn’t required.

The Labour MP is considering climbing the tree as well, to help the cause, and is looking into the legalities.

Michael Tavares climbed the tree under threat in Titirangi on Monday, in a bid to protect it from being felled for a housing development.

“For the sake of the tree and for the values of it I think that it’s best if as few hands and feet touch it as possible.”

“What I’m hoping that happens is the council does find a way, even though it says it can’t, it does find a way to revoke the consent to fell the tree, and that it’s open to a proper consultation.”

Maggie Barry has inserted herself into the process as well, chewing on the ears of Auckland Council staff to change their consent decision.

Here’s the thing. ? The consent has been applied for, it has been granted. ?The owner of the tree has got around the legal hurdles required, and now you lot are all farting around trying to mess his legal business up.

I read suggestions this morning it may in fact be affected by Kauri die-back disease, so I’m not sure that this as well as all the protesters trespassing and stamping all over its roots is going to do it any favours.

But isn’t it interesting that David Cunliffe wants to go sit on the tree as some kind of stunt? ?I guess he can claim experience?



-?Annabel Reid, Newstalk ZB