Desperate National keep doing dumb stuff

National are desperate in Northland and just keep on doing dumb stuff.

The latest cock-up is to suggest that Winston Peters doesn’t care about Northland because he opposes a Free Trade Agreement with Korea.

National is running hard today with the message that Winston Peters does not have Northland’s interests at heart because he is opposed to the free trade agreement with Korea that would demonstrably help avocado and kiwifruit growers and farmers in Northland.

Acting Prime Minister Bill English also suggested that a bill sponsored by a New Zealand First MP could block the legislation associated with the free trade agreement going through.

National candidate Mark Osborne mocked Mr Peters’ promises made yesterday while campaigning for Saturday’s byelection on the streets of Kaitaia that he would back a referendum on cannabis, a pledge he withdrew an hour later.

And ministers at Parliament today have attacked Mr Peters as “Machiavellian” and “unpredictable.”

There is a slight problem with that narrative…the deal is already signed…there is nothing that Winston Peters could do about it even if he could.

The Korea – New Zealand free trade agreement was signed in Seoul yesterday and over time it will eliminate tariffs on New Zealand exports which at present at about $229.

Kiwifruit growers pay a 45 per cent tariff which will be phased out over five years and avocado growers a 30 per cent tariff
Which will be phased out over nine years.

So lambasting Winston Peters for opposing a free trade agreement that was signed two days ago is just stupid.

Steve Joyce better hope that Farrar’s polling is wrong for once.


– NZ Herald