Despite campaigning against Epsom and Ohariu rorts, now Labour wants voters in Northland to do the same

The idiots running Labour have decided that tactical voting is now a perfectly valid electoral tactic.

This despite years of attacking National over accommodations in Ohariu and in Epsom.

Their hypocrisy sure makes for a stinky cologne.

Northland Labour voters would likely be forgiven for voting tactically, if they were to put their support behind NZ First leader Winston Peters.

In his strongest hint yet, Labour leader Andrew Little has said if voters “want to send a message to Government”, his candidate – Willow-Jean Prime – may not be in the best position to do so.

His comments come off the back of a second poll which has placed Peters in first position in the Northland by-election, and National candidate Mark Osborne and Prime in second and third respectively.

A Q+A Colmar Brunton poll showed Peters and Osborne were tied on 36 per cent support, with Prime trailing on 20 per cent.

But the poll of 500 also showed Peters would be the clear favourite to win Northland, if Prime was pulled from the competition. Peters support would jump to 51 per cent, leaving Osborne on 37.

“Willow-Jean is a very strong candidate. She is somebody who Labour wants in Parliament sooner rather than later,” Little told Q+A.

“But this is a Northland by-election. People have got one vote. They are going to have to decide.

“If they want to send a message to the government that they are sick and tired of being neglected, then they are going to have to pick who they want to get that message through.”

That message would resonate if Labour hadn’t spent 8 years lobbying hard against upgrades to State Highway One which they derisively call the “Holiday Highway”…and which government was in power for 9 long years and did nothing for the North?

Labour won’t do a single thing for the North, and neither with a septuagenarian, drinker, rooter, windbag and political charlatan.

The latest poll has left Little with much to ponder. His candidate was the first to announce her campaign, but Peters had not declared his intentions at that time.

Little is not budging over calls that it might be tactically prudent for him to Prime from the race, but he won’t be drawn on questions over whether he wants Labour voters to vote for her either.

“We have a candidate in the race, and she’s a good candidate, and she’s somebody who we want in Parliament. I have a duty to back her. But in the end, I want Northlanders to exercise their choice, to see that they could make a difference here.? “If they want to send a message to the government that we are sick and tired of being neglected, then they know what their choice is,” he said.

A tactical retreat? He has all the gravitas of an armchair general realising that all his troops are about to get slaughtered in a pincer movement he didn’t see coming.

Labour are still operating under the delusion that Winston Peters is on their team.


– Fairfax