Does Lawrence Yule know what is going on in his own patch?

lawrence yule

Local Government NZ is holding its annual conference in Rotorua in July.

The agenda has recently been released and it seems Chair Lawrence Yule doesn’t even know what is going on in his own patch. He has invited a Central Hawkes Bay Council representative to present on delivering local government expertise. ??

Brett Way of Central Hawkes Bay District Council and?Rochelle Deane of Auckland Council will present on delivering local government expertise in the Pacific ??a snap shot of the PacificTA programme.

This is a photo of the crap from Waipawa township running into the Waipawa River. It is strange that the benchmark for delivering expertise in the South Pacific is a representative from a council who can?t stop brown water running into their local river.

Maybe he will be explaining how to get away with breaching consents and keeping brown water going into the river.

Surely there is a better example than Central Hawkes Bay for Lawrence Yule to use.