Don’t mention ze war? Greece runs a guilt trip on Germany

Senior figures in Chancellor Angela Merkel’s coalition partner in government – the SPD – have united with the Green Party to declare Germany should compensate Greece to the tune of billions …?for wartime Nazi atrocities.

The demands come as parliamentary lawyers warned her cabinet that Greece may have a valid claim which Germany might lose if it chose to fight it all the way to the European Court of Justice.

Mrs Merkel is said to be furious at the schism in a hitherto united front. She – and most Germans – view the Greek demand for up to 500?billion dollars?in reparations for the Nazi occupation as a ploy to gain more time and money to settle its chronic debt crisis.

Well, duh. ?

Germany did pay some ?50million in compensation to Greece after WW2 but the new government in Athens said it was never enough. It has begun mentioning the surviving relatives of massacre victims as a way of humanising the debate beyond the euro crisis.

Spiegel news magazine reported on Tuesday that lawyers for the government have warned Mrs Merkel that the Greeks may have a case – and that indeed the country might end up paying out massive sums. It says that a two billion pound loan which the Third Reich secured from the Greek National Bank in 1942 was never repaid: this alone, in today’s money, amounts to around ten billion pounds.

Greece is also demanding compensation for a massacre at the village of Distomo where Waffen-S.S. troops killed 218 men, women and children on June 10 1944.

You can just see this spiralling out of control. ?Germany, cash rich, is going to have all it’s WWII compensation settlements re-litigated. ? Countries are keeping a keen eye on how this Greece debacle turns out. ?If they do well out of it, you can bet your bottom dollar country after?country will be putting the guilt trip on Germany.

It will be the EU’s own grievance industry. ? I wonder if they can spin it to the point where New Zealand can make a claim for losing so many of its sons and daughters?


– Mail Online