Dutch PM: Radicalized Dutch better die fighting with ISIS than come back

The Dutch are one of the peoples that are at the sharp end of Islamic radicalisation in their country.

It would be better for radicalized Dutch nationals fighting alongside ISIS to die in Syria rather than for them to return home and carry out attacks, believes the Dutch PM. His party agreed, suggesting that their death is preferable.

Mark Rutte , the Prime Minister of the Netherlands and leader of the People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD) expressed his point of view during pre-election debates on television.

?People who go there know what they are part of,? Rutte said, when asked whether he agreed it would be preferable that radicalized Dutch nationals die in Syria rather than return home. ?The only aim is to kill as many people as possible. Those people will soon be back to carry out attacks here as well. As prime minister, I am here to protect our people.?

Something that needed saying. ?Queue the outraged liberal lefties who want to cuddle murderers. ?

The statement caused harsh criticism from representatives of all other parties. The leader of social-liberal opposition party Democrats 66, Alexander Pechtold said this position seemed populist as it was very emotional.

?I think as prime minister you should put the rule of law first, but you are saying ?go and die in the desert rather than face your responsibilities in court,? Pechtold said, adding such a statement is ?unworthy” of a PM.

Dead ringer for Russel Norman.

But the members of the ruling party not just supported the idea but went even further. The spokesperson for the VVD Laura Huisman said on Friday it would be even better if jihadists were killed by the Dutch government than allowed to come back, the Newsweek reports.

?I must acknowledge Mr Pechtold?s ardent support for the Netherlands? participation in the combat against ISIL?s barbarians,? she said as cited by the Newsweek. ?The logical consequence of which is that terrorists, some of them undoubtedly Dutch, do get in the way of our lethal weapons.”

“That?s much to be preferred than their returning as hardened, bloodthirsty, gun-toting terrorists, longing to kill as many Dutchmen as possible. The Netherlands is a safer and better place without them,? she added.

Wish our government had the courage to speak so plainly.


– RT