Earth Hour: the truth about plastic bags

I love Earth Hour. ?It’s a great time to turn everything on and celebrate the genius of mankind. ?How far have we come in the last 100 years? ?Let’s celebrate it.

I mean, plastic bags. ?Wasn’t that a huge advance over paper? ? It’s even better for the environment.

No, I’m not kidding.

The carbon footprint of some common activities:

Email and internet

Even a short email is estimated to have a footprint of 4g of CO2e (gCO2e) – including greenhouse gases produced in running the computer, server and routers and a part of their manufacture.

An email with a large attachment emits about 50gCO2e, and a spam message, not even opened by the recipient, is responsible for 0.3gCO2e.

The annual global footprint of spam is equivalent to 3.1 million passenger cars on the road using 7.6 billion litres of petrol.

A web search on an energy-efficient laptop leaves a footprint of 0.2gCO2e, and on an old desktop computer some 4.5gCO2e.

A mobile phone SMS costs about 0.014gCO2e. ?


A plastic carrier bag leaves a footprint of 10gCO2e, and a paper bag 40gCO2e.

Paper bags have a 400% higher carbon footprint than plastic?bags.

That must thrill the likes of Burger Fuel and St Pierre’s who are “environmentally” responsible and pushing out paper ones.

To celebrate the awesomeness of plastic, and the absolute beauty of our lives in the 21st century, my place will look like a millions flash guns going off?for an hour at 8:30pm this Saturday, even though I won’t be there myself. ?No, I will be at a much brighter place together with a few thousand of my best friends.

I can’t imagine the carbon footprint of the Super 8 boxing. ?But it has to be gigantic. ?Go Earth Hour!