Entitled parents raising entitled children

Jordan Kennedy, 17, and Jack Bell, 16, were controversially reinstated into the school’s Maadi Cup rowing team after their principal axed them from the regatta for breaching Auckland Airport security.

College rector Justin Boyle ruled the boys breached the school’s code of conduct after they were given formal warnings by police and the Aviation Security Service for jumping on a baggage conveyor and entering a restricted area on Friday.

The boys’ fathers, Shane Kennedy and Antony Bell, won a High Court interim injunction on Monday allowing their sons to compete in the regatta.

St Bede’s College lawyer Andrew McCormick said the parents had “indicated” they would proceed with legal action against the school.

“I anticipate it will come,” he said.

“We’ll have to sit down and consider a response.”

Respondents normally had 25 working days to file a reply, but McCormick said St Bede’s wanted to get the matter sorted out “sooner rather than later”.

He expected a response would be filed early next week.

Lawyers for both sides would then meet with a judge for a “timetabling session”, discussing the filing of evidence and affidavits.

A formal hearing would then be held within a few months.

This has gone too far.

And now the school is staring down a $20,000 plus legal bill. ?That’s $20,000 they can’t spent on educating.

Shane Kennedy and Antony Bell need to step back. ? There will only be losers, and unless you back off now, you will brand your children for life.

Instead of making sure they can row, you’ll make sure they won’t be offered a huge number of opportunities in life. ? Thanks to the media and the Internet, your sons will have this hanging around their necks like a mill stone.

Nobody is winning here, and this is all about your ego.


– Myles Hume, Brittany Mann, Nicole Mathrewson, The Press