Even the Australian media publish the good Charter School news

The left-wing media and their pals in parliament constantly harp on about charter schools on behalf of their union buddies.

They are patch protecting and can produce no real evidence to support their claims.

On the other side of the argument, though, there is building evidence that should start to hush them up.

The problem is in getting that information out there through the filters of the media…like the new Stanford University study of charter schools that even Australian media has highlighted but remains untouched by NZ media.

Stanford University?s Center for Research on Education Outcomes (CREDO) has a new study out finding urban charter schools outperform traditional public schools (TPS) in urban areas.

The results are the latest in mounting evidence that many charter schools provide tremendous benefit to students ? particularly those located in urban areas.

?The charter school sector has gotten to a point of maturity where it?s dominated by established charters that have stood the test of time and are operating a lot more efficiently and effectively for kids, and so we?re starting to see now this general positive impact of charters on student achievement,? Patrick Wolf, PH.D., a distinguished professor in the Department of Education Reform at the University of Arkansas, told Business Insider.

The study looked at 41 urban areas in 22 states. Here?s what it found: ? ?

In maths:

  • 26 regions post learning gains for charter school students that outpace their TPS counterparts
  • 4 regions have equivalent learning gains
  • 11 regions have smaller gains for charter schools

In reading:

  • 23 regions demonstrate larger learning gains than their TPS peers
  • 8 regions have equivalent learning gains
  • 10 regions have smaller gains for charter schools

These results translate to urban charter students receiving:

  • roughly 40 days of additional learning per year in maths
  • roughly 28 additional days of learning per year in reading

These results may appear stark, especially when looking to the improvement of urban charter schools over time.

Wolf feels the sector has improved dramatically over the past five years.

?You had these charter management organisations that were just kind of small players trying out experimental approaches to education like four or five years ago, and their models worked and so now they are replicating them and they are becoming a larger share of the charter sector and I think that?s one of the factors that?s driving this overall improvement,? he said.

Now can anyone tell me why there is opposition to charter schools, other than to protect union mediocrity?

Wouldn’t it be nice if the opposition spokespeople who rail against charter schools would even bother to visit just one of them.


– Business Insider