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 Erna Solberg

Erna Solberg

Erna Solberg? has been leader of the conservative party in Norway since 2004 and became Prime Minister in 2013 making her the second female Prime Minister of Norway.

Solberg has served as a member of the Storting since 1989 and served as Minister of Local Government and Regional Development in Bondevik’s Second Cabinet from 2001 to 2005. In her term as minister, she oversaw the tightening of immigration policy


Interestingly Solberg was not as tough on immigration as she had been portayed as being back then in the media. She was called ” Jern-Erna ” or Iron Erna when she served as the Minister of local government and regional development 2001-2005 because of her alleged tough policies including a firm stance on asylum policy. However according to wiki the numbers show that her government actually let in thousands more asylum seekers than the subsequent centre-left red-Green government.

Even worse in 2003 She proposed introducing Islamic Sharia councils in Norway after she heard of their existence in the United Kingdom.

She did however instruct the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration to expel Mulla Krekar

Mullah Krekar (original name: Najmeddine Faraj Ahmad) is a Kurd who moved from Iraq to Norway in 1991

Mullah Krekar (original name: Najmeddine Faraj Ahmad) is a Kurd who moved from Iraq to Norway in 1991

for being a threat to national security. Later terrorism charges were filed against him for a 2010 death threat made against Erna Solberg. Unfortunately despite her instruction he has not been expelled but instead banished to a remote village in Norway due to concern that he will be executed if returned to Iraq.

Fortunately for Norway a year after becoming Prime Minister she has finally earned her Iron? Irna nickname.


A record number of people were deported by Norwegian authorities in?2014.

Norway?s government has ruled that a record 7,100 people were?to be deported in 2014, more than 10 times the number under the previous government.

Analysts?believe some of the reasons for the rise in figures are more resources, more staff and a change of ?portfolio priorities?. It has also become easier for Norwegian authorities to deport people back to Muslim nations, including Afghanistan and Nigeria.

A large percentage of those deported in 2014 were Muslim asylum seekers who had their application for continued asylum rejected. They were then deported along with their families. The majority of deportees, however, had committed crimes, or had returned illegally to Norway after being deported.

-Oslo News


Erna Solberg is responsible for the creation of the program that deports Muslims who have ties to radical groups. As a result of her ‘radical, ‘ program, violent crimes in Norway are now down by more than 31% less than a year after the deportations began.

Liberals everywhere are crying ?Racism!? Al Jazeera has blasted Solberg relentlessly for her so-called ?Islamophobia?, but she has pressed on by deporting any Muslims who belong to radical mosques or threaten violence against ?non-believers? ? and sent their entire families home too.

Norwegian?residents have been stunned by the violent crime rate plummeting in so rapid a time frame.

And even though the liberal media tries to hush up the reason, one resident, ?Adrian Stavig made it clear why the people love their new conservative leader, saying something that would give Barack Obama a coronary:

?The world?s largest gang of thugs, murderers, and rapists is masquerading as a religion of peace.?

Don?t you wish we had a leader in the U.S. that understood?the danger of Islam and acted to protect us from it, instead of one who promotes Islam?and denounces Americans who question it?


The only thing I like more than a strong leader is a strong conservative leader.

When John Key is gone there is only one person I want to see take his place. Iron Judith. I cannot see New Zealand drowning in a flood of Islamic immigration under her watch. In dangerous times like these we cannot afford to have wimps at the helm. John Key is doing something but it only seems impressive in contrast to the Lefts desire to do nothing, apart from send aid workers and farm advisers to get their heads cut off for their troubles.