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Labour won’t be pulling its candidate Willow-Jean Prime from the Northland by-election, despite coded messages the party’s supporters should consider voting for Winston Peters.

Translation: We won’t overtly spike her guns we are instead covertly spiking her guns.

Mr Peters was the shock frontrunner in last week’s 3 News-Reid Research poll, five points clear of National’s newcomer, Mark Osborne. Ms Prime was well behind the pair, and there are concerns her and Mr Peters could split the left-leaning vote.

But despite Labour leader Andrew Little at the weekend saying Northland voters are “intelligent enough to know how to use that vote to make sure that they send a message to the Government”, the party is adamant no deal has been done.

Translation: Vote for Winston because unlike our candidate he has more than a snowballs chance in hell of winning.

“Absolutely not,” Annette King said on Firstline this morning.

“We haven’t spoken to Winston and he hasn’t spoken to us. But what Andrew Little has said to the people of Northland, they’ve got one vote; they will make their decision on giving the Government a message, and there is no doubt when you visit there ? and I have ? that there is a lot of dissatisfaction with this Government.”

Translation: We have not done a deal with Winston we are instead not so subtly telling our supporters to vote for him by using his campaign slogan of giving the government a message ( clever huh? )

…Ms King says Labour will continue pushing the case for Ms Prime.

Both she and Mr Little are sure Ms Prime has a future in Parliament, whether or not she wins this particular battle.

Translation: She doesn’t have a snowballs chance in hell of winning this battle.

“She is a future face for Labour, and she is someone who I’m keen to have in Parliament sooner rather than later and she’s got a good campaign team up there,” Mr Little said on RadioLIVE this morning. “There are some important issues that need to be kept alive in the campaign.”

“We’re not pulling our candidate,” says Ms King. “This isn’t an Epsom stitch-up where you sit down and have a cup of tea and make a deal; we have not done that. We’ve got a very good candidate. Willow-Jean Prime will be in Parliament in the future.”

Translation: She doesn’t have a snowballs chance in hell of winning this battle.

-3 News