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CHRISTOPHER HOOPER/ Twitter REUNITED: Fiona Wilson with a photo taken of her 25 years ago

A poster of a topless woman unearthed in an Auckland flat has led to a chance reunion for a model 25 years later.

The print of the near-naked woman was left at a Grey Lynn house several years ago and has been passed down between flatmates before being put up for sale on Trade Me this week.

Its buyer was the very model herself – Fiona Wilson.

“I took a look on Trade Me and just about fell of my chair,” Wilson said of the image taken as part of a 1990 swimsuit catalogue.

“When my husband came home I said we’ve got to bid on it.”

She said she hadn’t seen the photo for two decades and wasted no time in buying it, going around to the house to collect it for $25.

Wilson wasn’t the only one surprised by the purchase. Its seller Chris Hooper said it was a “crazy coincidence” to meet the woman from the print, whom his flatmates had dubbed “Valerie”.

“The picture had been around our house for years and years. We had no idea it was even a Kiwi in the picture.”

“It was hilarious [when she turned up]. She thought it was great.”

Hooper described the poster on his Trade Me ad as a “Cheeky Wall Print”.

The connection was made when he posted the link on Twitter and two contestants from last year’s My Kitchen Rules NZ series – Tracey Allen and Neil Gussey – said they recognised Wilson as she is one of their friends.

Wilson said she was amused by the description of the Trade Me advertisement and her new nickname of Valerie.

“The wording [of the ad] was just hysterical.

Screen shot -Trademe

Screen shot

“When I went to pick it up I said ‘hi I’m Valerie’. It was a great laugh.”

Wilson said it had been a “reunion of sorts” and she was glad to have it back home. While she said her teenage children cringed at the suggestion of hanging it in the living room, she said it would take pride of place in the garage.

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