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joshua JViggy Vegneris

Joshua JViggy Vegneris

Today’s Face of the day Joshua JViggy Vegneris is going to get a taste of fame. I am granting him this unique experience because he wrote the following on Facebook.

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I wish him well and do not want any of our readers to sink to his level.

I do believe that actions should have consequences? and since he has told Social Media that he thinks that my husband should kill himself I think it only fair that I allow him to become famous in the Blogosphere. I do not want him abused or threatened, I want him embarrassed. I want anyone who Google searches his name to know what he said.

He cannot complain. After all he thought it was ok to wish someone dead on Social Media, while I only want everyone in the Blogosphere to know, that he wished someone dead on Social Media.

joshua JViggy Vegneris

Joshua JViggy Vegneris

Enjoy your moment in the Sun Joshua and remember… anything you say on the internet, stays on the internet.

Maybe you could turn it into a rap song and try to make some money off Cameron. It’s been done before. Give Nicky Hager a call, I am sure he will give you some pointers. He may not know how to rap but he has a group of mates who dedicated months of their lives to trying to destroy my husband in a number of different ways. They failed miserably but you never know, one more hater just might be the charm this time.

Oh and by the way, they call this site a sewer but One News really need to get their act together. Our moderators do not allow death threats or personal abuse on Whaleoil yet Joshua JViggy Vegneris was able to tell Cameron to kill himself on the One News facebook page with ease.