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Auckland Mayor Len Brown

Embattled Auckland mayor Len Brown has walked out of a council meeting after blocking further debate on the controversial port expansion.

Councillors pushed for a debate on Ports of Auckland’s expansion plans to be held as an item of extraordinary business at Thursday’s meeting.

However, Brown as chair refused the request. ? ?

Albert-Eden-Roskill councillor Cathy Casey then accused him of not listening to the people of Auckland.

The mayor demanded she withdraw her comment.

“That was a personal insult to the chair so withdraw it please, right now,” he said.

When she did not, he asked her to leave the chamber.

Casey remained in the room, so Brown himself got up.

“I am withdrawing until such time as the councillor leaves,” he said, walking out.


Governing Body meeting in Orewa collapses this morning as the Mayor walks out! -Facebook Photo Cameron Brewer

The meeting in the council chamber at Orewa was adjourned for around 20 minutes until Casey agreed to apologise and withdraw her comment.