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Today’s face of the day has a Charity boxing match on tonight and who knows what his future holds. In the below article they are suggesting he go on Dancing with the Stars, but why stop there? I have a better idea.

Rumour has it that Dancing with the Stars is making a comeback, and visions of sequin-clad, spray-tanned celebs are already sashaying in our heads. Here are our picks for Kiwi personalities we want to see on the show…

Cameron Slater is donning the boxing gloves, could a top hat and tails be next?

9. Cameron Slater

The WhaleOil blogger is already participating in a charity boxing match, but we’d like to see his softer side.

Dance we want to see: Samba

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I think that Dancing with the Stars while a reality show does not give Cam enough scope to truly cause Havoc and Mayhem.

No we need a reality show where he can be himself.

I am in fact prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice so that he can advance his career. I am of course folks referring to, The Bachelor.

Art Green

Art Green

Who wants a young pretty boy who is super nice to everyone when you can have a straight talking man. Instead of superficial chit chat they will be required to have real conversations about what is in the news and politics. They will have to prepare themselves to be challenged and debated. They will have to impress him with their intelligence rather than tight fitting sparkly dresses or miniscule bikinis. Imagine the possibilities?

Only a real woman can handle The Bachelor Whaleoil style so the final contestants will have to win his heart by showing their hunting prowess ( one of the dates ) and their ability to disassemble and resassemble his hunting rifle while blindfolded faster than their competition ( another exciting date where he teaches them how to do it. )

article-2604166-1D1F521100000578-111_634x460Then of course they will be given the challenge of skinning , gutting and cooking a rabbit that he has shot with nothing but Google to guide them.


The final test will be when they both discover that he decides he doesn’t like Rabbit pie and all their hard work was for nothing. The one that manages not to lose her cool and instead uses the phone to order in takeaway Pizza will be declared the winner.