Faces of the day


Holly from Dunedin writes: “My flatmate lost his phone on Saturday and a couple of police officers took a selfie and posted it on Facebook so he would know it had been found. It had over 11,000 likes in less than 24 hours.”

-The Herald

Today’s faces of the day represent how I feel about the New Zealand Police. Like every profession some are nicer than others but all up I think they are the good guys who put themselves in danger daily in order to protect us all.They are real people who choose to do a difficult and often thankless job where they can be easy targets for verbal abuse and violence. I admire them.

Not everyone shares my view and this week I was angered to see the below image posted on TDB.

Wrongly Wrongson was told last year to remove the image from his Blog and he did but as he obviously doesn’t think that there will be any consequences he has given the Police the finger and put it up again.

Perhaps because so few people read his Blog ( even the GCSB can’t be bothered ) he didn’t think anyone would notice.

If he disagrees with how the Police handled the situation by all means critisise them as that is what Blogs do but this image is extremely offensive. Luckily for Martyn he has the freedom to be offensive and can safely offend in a democracy like ours.

Despite this he would deny the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists the same right because the hurty feelings of the followers of Islam are more important. He believes in Freedom of speech (with limitations) in their case, just not his own.

Offensive image posted on The Daily Blog  March 2015

Offensive image posted on The Daily Blog March 2015