Fattism is a legitimate form of discrimination

James Delingpole gets stuck into fat bastards.

Breitbart London?s Executive Editor, James Delingpole, has appeared on the BBC Daily Politics to attack moves to award fat people?minority status. He said that he hoped fat people would be ?stigmatised? rather than government stepping in.

Delingpole claimed some of his greatest idols were fat, including Eric Pickles and Jabba The Hut but they were still a burden on the taxpayer.

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Delingpole is dead right.

This is why I think we need a Fat Bastard’s Tax…one that taxes the person responsible for being fat.

The health nazis though would like to emulate tobacco taxes but ignore the fact that a tobacco tax affects only the consumer of the product, whereas a sugar or fat tax on food affects thin people as well. And frankly why should tink people pay extra taxes so fat people can learn to stop stuffing rubbish into their gobs.

Obesity is an epidemic of laziness and nothing else.

I am living proof of that shedding 15 kilos in 5 weeks…the difference? Insane amounts of exercise that burns far more calories than I am able to shove into my gaping maw.

Today I stood on the scales and it was still 3 figures but only just, tomorrow will be two figures…and so on.

Set goals, stick to them, adjust your thinking and achieve weight loss. If both Farrar and I can do it then so can you.


– Breitbart