Federated Farmers can’t see anything wrong with this photo

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The Ministry for Primary Industries has confirmed it’s investigating the condition of cattle photographed by a passenger on a Cook Strait ferry.

The cows were being transported from Picton to Wellington last Sunday.

Anne Robson posted the photo on Facebook and it’s since been shared more than 8000 times.

The SPCA contacted Ms Robson for more information.

Federated Farmers told 3 News it’s hard to get a true indication of a cow’s condition from a photo like that.

Whoever the spokesperson for Federated Farmers was on that occasion should never be allowed near the media again. ? At best, you would say “We will be following the investigation with interest”.

You don’t need a veterinary degree to see those beasts are in shocking shape. ?To pretend anything else just looks bad.

Hope MPI??track down which farm this cattle came from and why they appear to be in such a neglected state.


– 3 News