Fiji doesn’t care , why do the media pretend they do

Radio New Zealand is trying to beat up the so-called spying story by trotting out academics who are simply guessing.

Otago University lecturer Iati Iati said Fiji had made it clear it wanted New Zealand out of the Forum however it was unlikely to succeed in that, given New Zealand’s clout in the region.

Dr Iati, who specialises in New Zealand foreign policy in the Pacific, said the spying revelations were likely to aggravate tensions in the region.

“I don’t know whether Fiji already knew New Zealand was spying on them, I would be surprised if it didn’t.

“But the fact that it has come out publicly, it gives Fiji just another reason to validify some of its positions in relation to New Zealand’s role in the region,” he said.

Fiji has no interest in the Forum.

I was told that personally, they see no reason to rejoin it, it is pointless, and useless.

Fiji has got better things to do.

Claims otherwise are farcical.

As for being upset over spying…they aren’t…my contacts in Fiji are laughing at the New Zealand media…they’ve told me there is a reason Fijians don’t trust NZ media.

If they want a private conversation they go to a hotel or cafe. they simply don’t care about the so-called spying.

In any case the Chinese are doing much more of it than we are capable of doing.

Everyone is spying and the media and the left wing luvvies are making much ado about nothing.


– Radio NZ