Fire at Will and 0-Day contracts are working well

According to the latest Hudson report, hiring confidence in New Zealand is at its highest level in six years.

The report found Kiwi employers are looking to add to their teams, marking four consecutive quarters of employment growth.

Hudson New Zealand executive general manager Roman Rogers says the Christchurch rebuild has been driving confidence in the South Island for years, and Auckland has been ticking over for a while, but the lower North Island is now pulling its weight.

“We’re also starting to see a broadening of positivity across a number of different sectors.”

90 day probationary “Fire at Will” and 0-Day contracts are clearly having a stimulating effect on the job market. ?More people with jobs, and we’re all winners.

Unions and their poodle Labour keep bringing it up by highlighting the worst case scenarios, but are forgetting that for the majority of business and employees, these are working out fine.


– 3 News