Gareth Hughes to run for co-leader of the Green Taliban


After toppling play-away Norman, Kevin Hague now has to contend with the one of the loonier of the Greens running to be the bridesmaid to Metiria Turei

Kia ora koutou

As a Green Party member I wanted to let you know first that?I am running for Green Party Co-Leader.

I am standing because I believe I can do the best job to grow our vote, which is the most effective way we can make meaningful action on our core issues: tackling the climate crisis and social inequality. I am lucky to have found my passion in life as a young person fresh out of school. Since then I have dedicated myself to environmental campaigning, with a particular focus on climate change. I believe that my background and experience would be a great match to work alongside Metria as Co-Leader.

Dear Electorate. ?I’ve never had a real job. ?This qualifies me to lead a political party. ?

My vision is to inspire and excite new voters. My plan is to run stronger campaigns through improved organisation so that we can grow into a larger, more powerful party.

Hmmm, burn! ? Not impressed with how the party ran its campaign eh? ? Well, that won’t earn him any friends.

I liken Gareth to a puppy. ?He’s always happy and jumping around. ?Keen to please. ? But let’s be honest. ?A leader he is not. ? Even though that hasn’t stopped Metiria, she had the benefit of Russel Norman who at least had the ability to be a great agitator.

But hey, if the lowest list MP of the Labour Party can be party leader, I guess anything is possible. ?And if Metiria can LARP her way from a silly party into being a co-leader, there really is hope for anyone to take the reigns of the New Zealand Green Party.

God knows, they love people that are disconnected from reality.