Gareth Morgan proposes something that is already being done

Gareth Morgan wants cats dead…so do I…especially feral cats.

His latest call though is already being done with an outcry recently in Auckland about cats being dispatched after trespassing in a wildlife reserve on Whangaparaoa peninsula.

Lock up your moggies if you live near a sensitive wildlife area, or they could be put down – that’s the latest suggestion from Gareth Morgan’s environmental group in its bid to stop cats harming native birds.

Geoff Simmons from the Morgan Foundation made the suggestion in a submission on Wellington City Council’s biodiversity management strategy.

He said the strategy’s plan to manage predators that had an impact on native wildlife was for the most part “fantastic”.

However, there was a “glaring omission” around the issue of cats.

Mr Simmons suggested any cats found wandering around sensitive wildlife areas, where birds would breed, should be humanely trapped and returned to their owners.

If the cat was not microchipped, it would be dropped off to the SPCA where it would be re-homed or euthanised. ??

There was no way to tell an owned cat from an unowned cat, he said.

His submission also suggested a cat curfew, such as in certain parts of Australia where cats cats were shut away at night, or during the day as well.

“So if a cat is found wandering off a property then it is returned with a fine or, if it doesn’t have a microchip, then it is humanely euthanised.

“And we think that that’s the model that we’d look at doing in sensitive wildlife areas.”

There are dog restrictions, why not cat restrictions.

Cat owners think they can let their disgusting pet roam the neighbour because they are just cats being cats.

time for cat owners to suffer what dog owners have for years.

I have absolutely no problem with cats trespassing in wildlife sanctuaries being dispatched on the spot.

If you don;t want your cat dead, then keep it away from sanctuaries.


– NZ Herald