Get hunting boys, it gets you all loved up

Get hunting…it will improve your love life.

Whether it be in the boardroom or on the hunting ground, male competition can cause a sudden spike in testosterone levels.

Now a new study has found a link between testosterone and the caring side of men when they return home from the ‘hunt’.

The study revealed that the higher a man’s testosterone has risen during the day, the more the ‘love hormone’ oxytocin he tends to produce on his arrival home.

The researchers also found that the increase in oxytocin was greater for those men who were absent longer

The study was based on Tsimane people, who are an indigenous population of forager-farmers and hunters who live in the lowlands of Bolivia’s Amazon basin.

Researchers claim the human hormone system is particularly well adapted to their lifestyle which revolves around small, tight-knit communities that produce their own food. ?

‘Our goal was to look at the interaction between different hormones in motivating behaviour in a naturalistic context,’ said Adrian Jaeggi, co-lead author at University of California, Santa Barbara.

‘Hunting for subsistence and sharing meat is something people have done for hundreds of thousands of years.’

Previous studies have shown that oxytocin makes people more cooperative while testosterone has the opposite effect.

Jaeggi said he expected to see a trade-off between the two hormones and was surprised to find the positive relationship between them.

According to Jaeggi and co-lead author Ben Trumble, high testosterone while hunting could be attributed to a ‘winner effect’ experienced by men making a kill.

It could also be related to the status competition that hunting represents for traditional societies such as the Tsimane.

In either case, the increased oxytocin could serve as a balance to make the hunters kinder, more generous and more willing to share their bounty.

Being a hunter, provider has benefits…and now there is research to prove it.

Coming home with food really does make you “the man”.

– The Daily Mail