Get ready for cyclone Pam



Cyclone Pam has been upgraded to the strongest storm category possible as it batters New Zealand’s neighbours and heads south.

Northeastern parts of New Zealand were advised to brace for destructive weather in days ahead as a result of Pam.

Pam has been upgraded to a Category 5 storm this morning.

People in and around Gisborne, the East Cape and Hawke’s Bay should keep an especially close eye on weather forecasts as Pam approached.

It is expected to lose some of its bite by the time it gets to us, but this would be a good time to secure all garden furniture, pop the BBQ in the garage and tidy up all the loose bits and pieces around the home. ?

Emergency management officials in Gisborne want people to be prepared for Tropical Cyclone Pam.

Pam is tracking to hit the East Cape Sunday night and spread over Gisborne on Monday.

Head of Gisborne’s Emergency Management, Richard Steele says residents need to be aware Pam is coming their way.

“People should be taking really good notice of weather forecasts and checking emergency resources, and tidying up around their section and doing their guttering.”

Steele says East Cape will be the first to feel its effects.

“We’re expecting it to start impacting at the top of East Cape late Sunday, and then move down to Gisborne sometime over Sunday night and early into Monday morning.”

Nobody should be tramping, camping or going for a bike ride either.

In an interview this morning, Gisborne Civil Defence spokesperson Richard Steele said forecasts out of the United States and Europe indicated Cyclone Pam could be worse than Cyclone Bola in the 1980s which killed three people and caused $82 million in damage.

Mr Steele said seas were expected to experience unprecedented storm surges.

“Seas are expected to be nothing like we have seen before with 6-8m storm surges and some more on top of that depending on the wind,” he said.

Coastal erosion would probably be significant with the threat of state highway closures in several places.


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