Good lord, another two good reports from charter schools

Of the five foundation charter schools 4 of them have had good reports after their first year in operation…one has some problems and will likely be closed down.

If only we could close down non-performing state schools.

Radio NZ reports:

Two more charter schools have been given positive reviews by the Education Review Office.

The office has published its first reviews for the Rise Up Academy in Auckland, and Te Kura Hourua o Whangarei Terenga Paraoa.

The reviews are new-school assurance reviews, which are normally made in the first year of any new school.

They say both of the publicly funded private schools have made good starts. ?

However, the office warns expansion of the Rise Up Academy will have to be carefully managed given the limited space at its site.

The academy is a bible-based primary school in South Auckland, while Terenga Paraoa is a Maori-medium secondary school in Whangarei.

The ERO last year gave good reports to two other charter schools set up in 2014, but has been critical of the fifth, at Whangaruru in Northland.

This is great news, but it won’t stop the vested interests of the teacher unions, the opposition parties and some elements of the media continuing their jihad and dirt digging on charter schools.

Charter schools are going to grow like they have in?the?US and in the UK…where the hegemony of the teacher unions has been challenged. State schools have been found wanting, if they were the epitome of educational achievement for students there wouldn’t be a ready pool of desperate parents and students lining up to attend charter schools.

The market is speaking and the unions are deaf to it all.

– Radio NZ