Good luck with that approach Little Andy

Andrew Little thinks he is in charge of the opposition and he says he is going to start to work closely with Winston Peters.

Labour leader Andrew Little plans to pave the way for a closer relationship with NZ First leader Winston Peters when they meet this week.

After a win by more than 4000 votes in Saturday’s Northland by-election, Peters has made life more difficult for the Government to govern.

Little told Radio New Zealand’s Morning Report on Tuesday that it had been weeks since he had met with?Peters, but he intended to do so this week.

“As leader of the Opposition, it’s my job to forge as best a relationship as possible with all the parties,” he said.

“I’ve been working with the Greens and will work more closely with NZ First now the by-election is out of the way.” ?

He was confident he could establish a strong relationship with Peters, which was important now that the Government would have trouble getting support for the more “controversial and divisive” policies it had planned.

“If we play our numbers the right way and get the Maori Party on board then we can slow down the Government or call the Government more effectively to account,” he said.

While there would be some scenarios where NZ First would happily back the Government, “there are situations where they won’t”.

“We have crossover and points in common with both the Greens and NZ First,” Little said.

Good luck with that attitude Andy.

Winston Peters is not going to play a subservient role to Andrew Little. For his part Andrew Little thinks he is in control…but in ceding the battle in Northland to Winston Peters he also ceded control of the relationship.

One thing Andrew Little forgets is that Winston Peters loathes the Greens even more than he loathes John Key. He would rather poke pins in his eyes than share any headline with a Green.

The reality is Winston can deliver more by coming to an accommodation with National than he can by being a pain in the ass in opposition.

Labour are about to find out that Winston Peters is his own man and not one to doff his hat and bend his knee to a man who can’t even win an electorate seat.


– Fairfax