Good point Pinko

David Farrar has taken a break from blogging about arts, lifestyle and fitness to raise a very valid political point.

If Peters does win Northland, then that is a potential lifeline for NZ First post Peters. They can?t be guaranteed to make 5% with someone else leading them, but if they win and can hold Northland, then they would be able to continue post Peters.

Now neither Ron Mark nor Tracy Martin could I think hold Northland (if Peters wins it), but Shane Jones could. If Peters wins Northland, then Shane Jones could stand in the next election (or the one after) for NZ First, and he would be very likely to hold it.

Now think about what this means for the Greens and Labour? Can you imagine a Shane Jones led NZ First ever letting the Greens into Government? he hates them more than Winston.

Also can you imagine Shane Jones going into coalition with the party that he said no longer has room for people like him in it? I think it is unlikely.

So the irony of Little?s ploy is that it may give the left a tactical victory, but it may be a strategic blunder that pries NZ First away from the left and leaves Labour and the Greens marooned in near perpetual opposition.

The Labour party acolytes, apparatchiks and toadies all assume that Winston Peters is their man. They are wrong.

Winston Peters only does what is best for Winston Peters. He has been into coalition with National, and with Labour.

He did so on both occasions to extract maximum personal political benefit from?the?arrangements.

The issue Winston Peters faces is that he is stuffed long term…a lifetime of carousing, drinking, rooting and smoking all off of the back of very little sleep has taken its toll…he is yesterday’s man and he really, really needs a lasting legacy.

Sitting in opposition is not a way to leave a legacy, unless he can transform NZ First from the?cult of personality that it currently is into a lasting political force. That will require people with better ethics than Ron Mark and assorted hangers on.

If he wins in Northland then he can start to set up that legacy, even if it does mean he gets his hairdresser from Invercargill in as well.

Labour take Winston Peters and the votes he brings for granted…I’m not sure that is a sensible policy.


– Kiwiblog