Green Taliban Bill to protect Bigfoot


Seriously, you can?t make this stuff up.

Green Taliban MP Mojo Mathers has a Supplementary Order Paper #47 to the Animal Welfare Amendment Bill that looks like being debated today. ?

Now MPs can come up with – and do come up with amendments to Bills all the time. But for the most part, their colleagues have a quiet word when they realise some ideas are plainly out of this world.

But as the Green Taliban are racing around trying to elect a new co-leader, they obviously have more important things on their hands than worrying about legislation.

For Mojo Mathers, this is the biggest issue of the day.

Now I don?t know about you but I can?t recall seeing gorillas, orangutans, or chimpanzees roaming the streets or forests of New Zealand.


Maybe Mojo has been watching too many episodes of Animal Planet?s Finding Bigfoot, and is deeply concerned some non-human hominid is roaming the deep, dark forests of Fiordland and will cop some lead from a hunter?

What a waste of Parliamentary time.