Greens gearing up for a leadership primary circus

Ever wanted to lead a party? ?Join the Greens today and throw your hat in the ring.

MPs Kevin Hague and Gareth Hughes have put themselves forward, as has Green Party executive member Vernon Tava.

First term MP James Shaw hasn’t made a decision about whether to stand yet.

“So I’ve been speaking to a number of people in the party throughout the country as well as friends and family, so I’m just processing that at the moment.”

Kennedy Graham is another to emerge from the caucus with an interest in the job – his decision is imminent.

“Well sooner rather than later, I promise you.”

It’s a great sign of a party at war with itself when it has almost half of the MPs and others all vying for the co-leadership position. ?And it would be more if it wasn’t for the fact that they are only allowing people with a penis to apply for that job this time. ?

A former Green co-leader believes the race to replace Russel Norman will show up healthy competition, rather than party factions.

Former co-leader Jeanette Fitzsimons says history shows the party will unite behind whoever is successful.

“When Russel was elected, there were four candidates standing and they all did videos and meetings around the country and as soon as Russel was elected, everyone was right in behind him.”

She says Vernon Tava, as a non-Parliamentary party member, is an outside chance, who shouldn’t be discounted.

In their angst to be outwardly seen as a proper democratic party that wants to, ironically, ban and regulate everything once it gets a chance, they do more damage than good. ?Leadership candidates need to be shoulder tapped. ?They need to be groomed.

What you don’t do is turn the whole thing into a divisive media circus for the sake of appearances, especially when one candidate is already known to be the preferred candidate.

It’s been a long time since Jeanette, Rod and?Nandor presented the face of a gentler Green Party.

One, should I dare say it, that was gentler on the environment.


-?Annabel Reid, Newstalk ZB