Hacking fallout

When unethical so called’ journalists ‘ hack members of the public or work closely with hackers in order to gain such information the human cost is often forgotten.

Nicky Hager-Dirty Politics

Nicky Hager


I guess we should be grateful that Nicky Hager was so ‘ honest ‘ about where he obtained his information as at least it spared Cameron and I the grief that this poor couple were put through. The hacking of their phone conversations cost them their relationship and hurt their careers because as the media bit by bit revealed their private information they blamed each other for the leaks, as only the two of them knew the information. Additionally at work no one would trust them as they believed that they were blabbing work related information to the press.

Steve McFadden

Steve McFadden

Steve McFadden said the Mirror journalists were responsible for destroying the career of his former girlfriend Lucy Benjamin, as well as their relationship…

The actor, who plays Phil Mitchell in EastEnders, said the couple had hoped to marry but he thought Lucy was “giving out information”.

Two other EastEnders actors did not speak for five years because of suspicions over tabloid stories.

Shane Richie said he and co-star Jessie Wallace each suspected the other.

It has now been acknowledged that the information was obtained through voicemail hacking.

Mr McFadden was called as a witness at the hearing, which will establish damages against Mirror Group for eight claimants of which his former partner, now Lucy Taggart, is one.

Mr McFadden told the High Court that Ms Taggart had been left “sobbing inconsolably in the foetal position” by one story in 2002.

Lucy Benjamin

Lucy Benjamin

Mirror Group has accepted it published 17 articles as a result of hacking the voicemail of former EastEnders actress Lucy Benjamin

The actor said he had been very close to proposing to his co-star “but the biggest factor that stopped me was thinking that Lucy had a big mouth”.

He said: “All the articles in the Mirror’s newspapers that were constantly being published about us made me suspect Lucy.

“I thought she was shouting her mouth off. Now of course I know it was nothing like this and it was the Mirror’s journalists stealing information from our phones.

“Apart from our relationship, the Mirror articles also had a really profound effect on Lucy’s career and how she felt as a person.”

He said she believed they were responsible “for putting her out of work and making her unemployable, and I think she was right”.

Mirror Group has admitted publishing 17 articles about Ms Taggart between 2000 and 2006 as a result of phone hacking.

Shane Richie revealed to the hearing that he and co-star Jessie Wallace did not speak for five years

Mr Richie, who plays Alfie Moon in the BBC soap, occasionally became emotional as he talked about the impact of phone hacking on his life,

He said one of his colleagues on EastEnders had warned others on the set: “Don’t say anything to Shane Richie because he’s ‘gobby’, he talks to the press”.

Struggling to contain his emotions he said he felt “really let down” by the revelations…


MGN last month published an apology for phone hacking, saying the practice was “unlawful, unacceptable and wrong”.

Asked about the apology, Ms Alcorn said: “It felt like it had no sincerity whatsoever. I wanted to rip it up and throw it in the bin”.

BBC creative director Alan Yentob has told the hearing he felt “violated on a truly massive scale” by journalists who hacked his phone, while the former Coronation Street star Shobna Gulati said her son was bullied at school because of stories MGN published.

-BBC news

Dirty Politics did take a toll on us even though we knew the information being ‘ leaked ‘ by Nicky Hager was stolen from us by a Hacker that was a ‘ good friend ‘ of his who he had ‘ worked with ‘ before. The information hacked was not from the Blog as is regularly incorrectly reported by Media and Left Wing Blogs. It was not the Blog that was hacked, though the Blog was certainly attacked and taken down for a period of time. What was hacked was eight years worth of personal e-mails and facebook chats.

In that eight years Cam and I had conversations and shared photos, he and his family members had conversations and shared photos. Cam had conversations with his sources and shared information. He contacted people asking for comment or information like all journalists do. He networked and negotiated. He talked to strangers as well as friends about depression and talked at least two people I know out of killing themselves. He communicated with friends and family while his Mum was dying from cancer. These are the kinds of conversations that Nicky and his ‘ good friend ‘ were trawling through looking for dirt. The fact that they found not one illegal activity in eight years to report on shows that there was nothing to find.

Stymied by the total lack of illegal activity which was supposedly the reason for the hacking attempt in the first place, Nicky had to try to discredit and destroy Whaleoil some other way? so he made ‘assumptions’ and speculated about what quotes taken out of conversations might mean.

Whaleoil has power there is no doubt about that. It has influenced Media and it has influenced people’s opinions. Cameron like all effective journalists has built a network of sources that he can count on which give him the edge over others and keeps his finger firmly on the pulse of Politics. The fact that he is head and shoulders above the rest precisely because he has contacts in every political party was conveniently ignored by Hager and the MSM.

They had a pre determined narrative to sell and that was that Whaleoil worked for the National Party. The fact that Political journalists have always worked with political parties was conveniently forgotten. No, only Whaleoil worked with Politicians apparently and was therefore dirty just as the National Party were for daring to give information to sympathetic journalists ( just like Labour have been doing for time immemorial.)

Nicky Hager is a fascinating creature. Cameron has always said to me that people who call themselves honest are the ones you most need to watch out for. If they feel the need to call themselves that then it hints at the opposite being true. I personally have often found that people who go on about being Christian are often the ones who are least likely to act like Christians. In the same way, Hager’s insistence that he is an ethical journalist with standards and is very thorough in his work makes me want to laugh. He makes a point of saying that he is those things precisely because he isn’t. He is trying to silence his subconscious that keeps screaming at him. “You didn’t do even the basics Nicky, you didn’t contact the people in your book for comment. You didn’t fact check, you even got the sex of a person wrong! You didn’t just happen upon the information did you Nicky? It wasn’t a co incidence that exactly what you were looking for fell in your lap was it Nicky?”

If I ever meet Nicky Hager in person I will shake his hand.

Then I will count my fingers.

Investigative journalism Nicky Hager style.

Investigative journalism Nicky Hager style.