How do you know when Winston Peters is making stuff up?

Easy eh?

His lips are moving.

It may be at the opposite end of the country, but the future of Southland’s political landscape could hinge on the outcome of this month’s Northland by-election.

Invercargill hairdresser-turned NZ First candidate Ria Bond is in line to become the region’s third MP, alongside National’s Sarah Dowie and Todd Barclay.

If NZ First leader Winston Peters is successful in his campaign for the Northland electorate, the former Deputy Prime Minister could resign as a list MP, leaving the next candidate on NZ First’s list to take his seat.

The party gained 11 MPs at the general election, with Bond 12th on their list.

However, Peters said a victory would not automatically signal Bond’s election. ??

The party’s focus was solely on winning the March 28 by-election, he said.

“That’s something we haven’t spent any time thinking about for obvious reasons.

“If we win it will become an issue and we’ll consider it then, but it won’t be for me to say who comes in – it will be a board decision.”

Winston is of course lying…it isn’t a board decision, and I’m pretty sure he would want his rug doctor?in parliament.

When Winston Peters wins in Northland, he will resign as a list MP, and the Electoral Act then say the next person on the list comes in…if they want to. Ria Bond, I’m told, is currently working in parlimanet so presumably she will take up that spot.

Winston’s board can’t simply change the list.

First things first the old bullshitter has to win first…though he is being ably assisted by the media who are playing their usual role.


– Fairfax