How much does Northland care about roads?

More roads could be on the way for Northland, as National pours extra resources into the by-election.

Transport Minister Simon Bridges is expected to reveal more on plans for the Puhoi to Wellsford motorway today.

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters believes he has forced National’s hand, but Mr Bridges says the plans were already in motion.

“I think this one of the beautiful old Winston tricks is that you’ve been neglecting that, you haven’t had this, you haven’t had that ? well actually if you look at the figures, we’ve spent $750 million there in Northland since 2008,” says Mr Bridges.

You have to love Winston. ?He’s setting the agenda every day, and the Government is constantly on the back foot refuting the old fox’s statements.

I truly doubt that Northland votes are going to be pivotal on the amount of money National will commit over and above the plans already in place for roads. ?

And after the loud cries of pork barrel politics when the bridges were announced, especially since most of those were simply a confirmation of existing plans, you have to wonder about the wisdom of adding some more announcements that are… a confirmation of previous announcements.

All the while doing so as a reaction to Winston’s daily jibes.

So far National still has to set the campaign agenda for Northland. ?All they have done so far is put out fires that others have started.

There isn’t so much a third term arrogance as a third term ineptness. ?It’s like the brains trust have lost all instrumentation and are flying blind. ? Is this because their previously successful strategy of poll driven strategy doesn’t quite work for a by-election? ?Especially when you add the Winston factor.

If Northland is lost to NZ First, there will be huge repercussions inside the National party, and Key’s 4th term will be all but history.


– 3 News